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I believe in fairytales…


I believe in fairytales, I believe in love and I believe in happy endings (and no, I don’t mean the type that come with a dodgy massage).  I grew up with the belief that I would one day have my own fairytale. That I would find ‘my one true love’ and we would live ‘happily ever after’.  Never in any of this daydreaming did I think that on my journey I would leave younger versions of my heart broken behind me.  But that’s exactly what happened!  I threw myself into every relationship along the way, declaring in my heart of hearts that this man was ‘the one’ and we were destined for marriage, children and the ultimate goal happiness!  And when it was over, I cried a bucketload of tears and convinced myself that I would end up alone surrounded by cats… and I really hate cats!  Then my next great love would walk into my life and the cycle would start all over again.

That is until one day in 1998 when I met a wonderful man called Jay.  We quickly became friends, both of us were in relationships at the time, his a little more serious than mine but as our friendship blossomed so did my affection for him.  He was so lovely.  We could talk for hours, we would be there for each other if needed and although I was feeling the fluttering in my belly of wanting more than a friendship, I was just grateful to have this wonderful man in my life.  We decided to go away together for a weekend, where, you guessed it, we discovered we felt the same way about each other.  That first kiss is one I will always remember and every first kiss before that one was wiped from my memory, every heartache, every tear and every disappointment because finally I had found my ‘one’.

It does feel different, that true love, when you know, for sure, without a doubt that this is the person you WILL spend the rest of your life, in sickness and in health, in happiness and sadness…  Since then my true love has taken me on incredible adventures, we built our own little house on an island, we sailed for 3 years through South East Asia on a boat he helped to build, we had the most perfect and happy little girl to complete our family.  And the adventures continue, we constantly look to the future and excitedly discuss our next move.  Every day, even in my angry and frustrated moments (everyone argues, it’s only human), I look at him with love and I still feel that flutter in my chest.

So, 17 years after we met and fell in love, this day marks the 12th year since that magical day on our island where we declared in front of everyone that is important to us that we would love and take care of each other for the rest of our lives.  So I got my fairytale and I continue to live it.  Today I feel grateful, grateful that I found someone to love, grateful that someone loves me, grateful for our family and grateful for every day that comes afterwards.  I love you Jay Stroud, Happy Anniversary and I look forward to our next adventure. xx